We define high quality

We believe high-quality grow requires a tightly controlled process, and when it comes to pulling the best characteristics from each of our strains, we have a recipe for success. That being said, there’s always room for improvement. So after each harvest, our cultivation team reviews the crop’s batch records to determine if any tweaks are needed. If that’s the case, we run a small trial with a few plants before applying the change to the next crop.




We grow in a state of the art facility

Designed and built specifically for cannabis cultivation, our facility boasts the latest features, including: digital grow lighting, air purification and CO2 enrichment, a high efficiency cooling system, and precision irrigation systems. Combined with our proprietary grow recipes, these features set the stage for high quality product.




We keep it clean

We don’t skimp when it comes to cleanliness, either. The cleaning and sanitation procedures in our cultivation space are modeled after food manufacturing facilities and our extraction lab procedures after hospital and bioscience labs. We’re proud to share that our cleaning and sanitation accounts for up to 35% of our weekly labor.



We protect our grow safely

The Colorado Department of Agriculture inspects our facility annually to ensure our pest mitigation method is safe. To prevent harmful pests from damaging our crops, we release predatory bugs into the garden to eat the pests. Once the predatory bugs’ food supply is gone, they die off and we’re left with a pest-free garden.




We're rooted in R&D

Our production process is rooted in research and development and the scientific method. This means we’re always assessing, and therefore improving, our products. To be sure we’re crafting the best products possible, we had to hire the right people. Our lab director has degrees in Chemistry and Biology with a concentration in Botany and our lab assistant has a Biochemistry degree.



We can afford to be selective

An advantage of being a fully integrated cultivator and extractor is we can be selective with the strains we grow and what we define as “premium flower”. Buds that we don’t consider top shelf become part of our extract products. And that’s not a bad thing! There are lots of extractors that make concentrates from trim, but we believe in using the best ingredients to create the best products.



We have extracts you'll love and taste you can count on.



From lineage and heritage to aromas and effects, take a deep dive into every strain we produce.

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