Live Resin from Mayflower farms is extracted from the highest quality flower and will not disappoint. Where the Sauce is pourable and assumes the shape of its container, our Live Resin is chunky and full of flavor.

We freeze our plant material quickly to keep as close to the original terpene profile as possible. This allows the extraction (using either butane, propane or a mix of the two) to capture more terpenes and yields an extract which truly captures the flavor of the strain. As the solvent(s) dissipate out of the solution, THCa starts to crystallize. The next steps are strain dependent. With some strains we next pour off some of the terpene rich fraction and mix the remainder in with the large crystals for flavor. With strains which more completely crystallize or produce a smaller terpene rich fraction the mixture is simply homogenized. Regardless of how the strain crystallizes the goal is to produce the most flavorful mix of terpene rich fraction and THCa crystal possible.

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