Venice Beach Afghan

Strain_Venice Beach.jpeg
Strain_Venice Beach.jpeg

Venice Beach Afghan


TYPE: Indica
LINEAGE: OG Kush x White Widow
THC %: 15%
AROMA: Petrol-like with a fruity scent and sweet flavor

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EFFECTS: Powerful and potent; a combination of a stoned and high feeling balanced with relaxation and creativity
POPULAR USAGE OCCASIONS: Patients in search of a strong pain killer and a good night's sleep
DESCRIPTION: The Venice Beach Afghan is a cross between the powerful OG Kush and the fertile White Widow. Originating in California, this easy-to-grow plant is best known for its aroma and strong effects. The smell and flavor reflect the OG Kush while the effects are reminicent of the Venice Beach Afghan. After a blooming period of 7 to 8 weeks, when the trichomes are milky-white and amber coloured, it's ready for harvest.


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